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Botham demands answers over KP

2019年2月17日 | 苏州美甲 | Permalink

Former England all-rounder Sir Ian Botham has expressed his disgust at Kevin Pietersen’s axing and called on the “amateur comedians” at the England board to provide answers.


England’s management announced on Tuesday evening the unanimous decision to rebuild after the disappointing winter tour of Australia without their star batsman, ending Pietersen’s international career after nine turbulent years.

Former England captains Michael Vaughan and Nasser Hussain on Wednesday demanded a detailed explanation, and Botham echoed those sentiments.

In his column in the UK’s Daily Mirror, the 58-year-old wrote: “I’m baffled, exasperated and disgusted the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) think they can get rid of Kevin Pietersen, issue a statement full of corporate waffle, and hope everyone will forget about it.

“Well, I’ve got news for the amateur comedians who run the ECB. We want answers, the truth. We want detailed, precise reasons behind their decision to end Pietersen’s international career.

“If you sacked a factory worker on the shop floor without telling him why he’s been fired, he would take his employers to the cleaners through the courts.

“The ECB can’t just hide behind their blazers and wait for the fuss to die down. They can’t leave everyone to speculate why England have ditched one of their finest players.”

He continued: “The buffoons at Lord’s don’t just owe KP an explanation – although you might have thought it was a common courtesy to outline why he has been sent into exile.

“They owe the paying public, the fans who spend 100 (pounds) on a ticket to home Test matches, a reason why they have discarded the star attraction.

“They owe the punters who spend their life-savings to follow England halfway round the world, only to see them get hammered 5-0, more than a fudged statement.”

South Korean company offers bullying insurance

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One of South Korea’s largest insurance companies is to begin offering a policy for victims of school bullies, as part of a government campaign to stamp out the problem.


The policy from Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance will likely debut in March, a company spokesman said on Thursday.

“The priority isn’t really on making money with this product, but more on providing a public service that helps build up social security networks,” he said.

As well as bullying, other policies will be introduced offering protection to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and food adulteration – or what President Park Geun-Hye has collectively condemned as the “four social evils” afflicting the country.

According to the state regulatory Financial Services Commission (FSC), the bullying policy will help cover costs for physical injuries as well as counselling fees for those traumatised by school violence.

Monthly premiums would be a maximum of 20,000 won ($A20.25), but the FSC said it would raise joint funds with municipalities to pay premiums for those unable to afford them.

According to a survey conducted by the Education Ministry last year, more than 77,000 school students of all ages said they had been bullied, with nearly 10 per cent of those saying they had considered suicide.

Nearly 140 South Korean school students killed themselves in 2012, mostly as the result of family problems, exam stress and bullying.

* Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 (for young people aged 5 to 25.)

Mardi Gras arrest teen will ride again

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Jamie Glenn Jackson Reed plans to sue police for damages over the March 2013 incident, in which he was thrown to the ground on Oxford Street and later charged with resisting and assaulting officers and using offensive language in public.


All charges have been withdrawn and magistrate Michael Barko on Thursday dismissed the case against Mr Jackson Reed.

He also awarded the man, from the southern Sydney suburb of Jannali, $39,000 in costs.

“He is quiet, but will next be seen on a float at the Mardi Gras,” the 19-year-old’s lawyer, Chris Murphy, told AAP.

The arresting officer, Constable Leon Mixios, had told the Downing Centre Local Court he arrested Mr Jackson after seeing him kick a woman.

But she has not been seen since and Mr Jackson Reed was never charged with assaulting her, his hearing was told.


The then-18-year-old’s arrest sparked community outrage and an internal police investigation after video footage taken by onlookers showed Const Mixios slamming the diminutive man to the ground.

In footage of the viral video played in court, a tearful Mr Jackson Reed repeatedly yelled, “What’s his name, I didn’t do anything wrong,” as Const Mixios grabbed his neck and another officer told members of the crowd to stop filming.


A notebook entry apparently handwritten by Const Mixios after the arrest details how he held the bleeding teenager down with his foot.


“I have pulled him back and thrown him to ground with a leg sweep,” the entry read.

“I placed my foot on his back to hold him down as he was bleeding and I didn’t want to be contaminated nor did I feel safe getting down with the crowd around us.”

Later, according to the entry, “POI (the person of interest) began apologising and asking if we could forget about it and just leave it at that”.

‘Stop Tony Meow’ – new online app replaces pictures of PM with cats

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Stand aside Maru, Grumpy Cat and Lil’ Bub, the internet has a new feline distraction – for Australian politicos and wonks, at least.


‘Stop Tony Meow’ is a new browser extension that replaces photos of the Prime Minister with pictures of cute kittens, transforming even the most sensible news website homepage into a portrait gallery of furry friends.

The online game is the brainchild of software developers and designers Ben Taylor, Matt Kelsh and Dan Nolan, the man who brought the world the Paul Keating insult app. 

The trio insist that they’re not making a political statement – just having a bit of fun.

Will this ever stop being funny pic.twitter广西桑拿,/ulHHsAwceO

— Dan Nolan (@dannolan) February 5, 2014

‘This isn’t activism, it’s Javascript,’ says Mr Nolan. ‘We were just taking a break from our day jobs, designing and building iOS stuff, and started mucking around.

‘If people want to interpret it in that way, that’s fine, but they should know they’re being silly for getting hot under the collar about a line of code.’

He says there are no plans for any more politically-themed games or apps on the horizon.

‘We kind of just lucked into this one out of good fortune. We’re not trying to be one trick ponies by any stretch of the imagination – this was just a bit of distraction from our real world jobs of designing and engineering mobile applications.

‘I’m sure if we have the opportunity to poke a bit of fun and play around with a bit of politics presents itself, we might have a look at something new. Anything can happen!’

The browser extension is available for Chrome and a Safari version is coming soon.

Gittany family ‘maintains the rage’

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Simon Gittany’s refusal to admit he threw his fiancee off their Sydney high-rise balcony and his family’s determination to “maintain the rage” is set to work against him in sentencing.


More than two months after Justice Lucy McCallum convicted Gittany of killing Lisa Cecilia Harnum in a fit of uncontrollable rage, the 40-year-old continues to proclaim his innocence.

At his sentence hearing on Thursday, Justice McCallum said the “defiant denial of guilt” of the July 2011 murder only hampered his future prospects.

“The whole family is actively engaged in a protest,” she told the Supreme Court.

“It goes towards maintaining the rage and maintaining the denial which is generally seen as an impediment to rehabilitation.”

Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC said Gittany’s denial showed a lack of remorse.

He argued that character references that described him as a “generous, loving person who always puts family and friends first” should also be given little credence.

None, he said, acknowledged Gittany’s crimes, including his 1994 attack on a policeman in which he bit the officer’s ear.

“It’s almost as though the offender is two completely different people,” he said.

“There is one person who presents to his family and outsiders and a completely different person who was present in the relationship with the deceased.”

But Gittany’s barrister Phillip Strickland SC said the only other record of violence on his client’s record was something that happened 20 years ago.

The “overwhelming evidence” from the character references was that Gittany was gentle, generous and kind to those around him, he submitted.

His girlfriend Rachelle Louise had also described him as a loving boyfriend and had maintained that their relationship was not abusive, Mr Strickland said.

But Mr Tedeschi said Gittany’s efforts to “pass off” the murder as a suicide was “cold and calculating” and went towards his overall criminality.

After a relationship in which Ms Harnum was subjected to intense surveillance and at times “malevolently controlling” behaviour, she was then killed for wanting to return to her native Canada.

“The offender threw her off the balcony as an act of punishment for having the hide of wanting to leave,” Mr Tedeschi argued.

“The last moment of her life would have been fraught with abject fear.”

He urged Justice McCallum to be guided by the standard non-parole period for murder, which is 20 years.

But Mr Strickland said the non-parole period should be significantly less than that.

Justice McCallum will sentence Gittany at a later date.